Monday, October 8, 2012

Perth update 2. Training

So keeping up with my Perth updates I'm going to give you an idea of what my training has been like. So I have started up with a hole new squad, I was sad to leave my squad in Melbourne the only reason being the geographical distance. I have started up with Chris Lang the high Performance coach in WA. We have a strong group of around six athletes, what has worked in my favour is that fact that four of the six athletes are guys with the same goals as myself. It also helps we are all the same age. It has been great having like minded people to train with for most sessions. Our swimming has been overseen by Mel Tantrum the head coach of UWA swim squad. I have been hitting the water five times a week with Mel and have doubled my weekly volume since moving to Perth ( permitting my car gets me to the pool ) and this has improved my swimming closer to where it needs to be to race at the level I want to be at. When I can find that consistency in my training over weeks and months I feel i'm going to start to make some very big steps forward! I'm getting excited for what can only be a strong season of racing.