Sunday, May 27, 2012


Last week I headed out on the bike for my Saturday long ride. In the morning I opened my front door to grey sky's but a warmish Melbourne winter morning. The clouds looked dark and grey, but the temperature fooled me. I failed to pack a jacket, one of my biggest mistakes. I headed out to meet the group ( turns out the group decided to do a windtrainer session) and after twenty minutes it started to rain, the rain progressed to heavy rain and in turn I started to look like a drowned cat on a bike. After another twenty minutes of rain I started to get really cold! I had to turn home, but I had left it to late and was already shaking and numb. The ride home was mostly down hill making me even worse, cutting the storey short I got home freezing! struggled to open the door and after a hot shower it was still over two hours before I got back to feeling warm.

What did this ride teach me? Well it drummed in the fact of important it is to prepare properly for every ride! Also this I can relate to racing and life! If you don't prepare properly your going to come short in your goals. So with this in mind I'm trying to relate this to my training and life. My new outlook is to nail everything like my final exam or major race is coming up next week. I believe if I take this attitude its not going to be hard to nail my goals.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Dry or Die!

The guys from Frontside Fly dance to one song and one song only, the dry fly!
Here is there dry fly love song

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not much blogging = a lot going on in life

Not much blogging doesn't always mean that  not much is going on in my life. Here's a little bit of an update.
I have moved out of my family home into the north eastern outer suburb of Eltham. Its a great place to train and live. I have also decided that I will be moving to Perth Western Australia in July, I have put many university applications in several university's so hopefully I will have some more info in regards to this in the coming weeks. I have returned to full training with a few changes and taken a couple of new jobs, I have started Fencing with my housemate. This is pretty physically hard but its good to be working outside, I continue to work at the Complete angler and I have started at a new swim school in this last school term at the Eltham Leisure centre. All of this has kept me pretty busy but I'm just trying to tick all the boxes and move forward with everything.