Sunday, October 30, 2011

Culinary delights

So I have been doing a bit of cooking of late, here are some photos of some tasty crispy skin salmon with sweet potato mash and steamed beans. It was pretty amazing to say the least!
Happy cooking

Monday, October 10, 2011

Back into the full swing of things, a weekend of training

So being back in Melbourne is great for training! It makes so much difference having a strong group of guys around me to train with. On the Saturday just past we went out for our long aerobic ride with some strength work mixed in. The short group went 120km and the long group around 200km, not being up to a solid 200km I went for the shorter option of 120km, the route went something like this 6.30am ride to Collingwood, Bundoora, Whitlesea, up Humevale across to Kinglake, down Kinglake though St Andrews, Eltham then onto Heidelberg arriving home around 1pm. Here is a map of the ride, I'm hoping to find a way to put up a little more data than just a map, but that will have to wait.

So Sunday was another day of long aerobic work, running. With some strength work involving some solid hills. Departed from Westerfolds park at around 8.30am for 90mins and approximately 20km. Was great to be out on the trails even after the rain we have had, Aus trails are significantly more interesting than the trails I have been used to running in France. One day I will take a camera out with me on one of these long runs, but for now you will just have to deal with the google earth map.