Thursday, August 18, 2011

When eating a sandwich

When eating a sandwich. I find huge satisfaction when I make an amazing sandwich, getting everything together in the right quantities, textures, and most importantly taste! This has led me to think long and hard about the sandwich. What bread is best? Cheese or no cheese? Healthy or just really tasty? These are all pretty simple questions, the one that really troubles me and leaves me stumped is, which side to tackle my sandwich from? Let me explain my theory. To keep it simple lets say we have a sandwich with stock standard wonder white bread, ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato. So on one side of the sandwich you would put cheese and ham. On the other side you would have lettuce and tomato. Lets just say the lettuce and ham are in the middle and the tomato and cheese are on the outside touching the bread. If you bite down on the sandwich with the cheese on top, your tongue is going to hit bread/ tomato first, but if you bite down on the sandwich with the tomato on top, you're going to hit bread/ cheese first! And this TOTALLY changes the way the sandwich tastes! This is a huge issue I have to tackle almost everyday! So usually I go with the ingredient I like the most on the bottom, but what to do with a Sub style sandwich? I cant figure this one out at all! So from now on everyone should think more about the orientation of their sandwich when taking the first bite, and when buying a sandwich the layers of ingredients should be listed in order because this can totally change how a sandwich tastes.

One of my Favourite areas in the world!

The Great Ocean Road and Otways have everything you could ever need! Amazing beaches, forrest, road riding, mountain biking, fly fishing, camping, hiking, running trails, surf just to name a few! Here's a short video showing some of the road riding in the area. The mountain biking is equally amazing if not more!

Great Ocean Road Classic from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Major Weakness

So as a want to be athlete I try and eat fairly healthy. I would say I have a very good diet covering pretty much everything I need to stay healthy and strong.

Except, I have one weakness when it come's to food. This is only a relatively new weakness, I tasted the smooth chocolatey delight less than a year ago. Donna introduced me to my new found Love! At first I didn't think I would like it, but being a pretty opened minded person I was willing to give it a go. It didn't look that appealing but OMG was it good! Thats where I began my love/ obsession which now can only be described as an addiction! I find it quite Ironic that Donna, my other main weakness introduced me to my current overpowering obsession.

And what is this holy grail of food you ask?

I eat it with a spoon from the jar, I spread it on almost anything! There are so many combinations of things that can be eaten with Nutella! A large jar will only last 2 days with me around. I hope people can understand what I'm going though and if the people from Ferrero are out there reading this and would like to become my major nutrition sponsor go right ahead, I'm sure I can mix some Nutella in a bottle and call it a sports drink! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Few Photos from Scotland

So when they go Mountain biking in Scotland they really go MOUNTAIN BIKING

This is just before I smashed my face into the ground at the summit of Ben Cluech

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crash Bandicoot

Some people like to call me crash bandicoot! Not because I wear a crazy mask and shout WOBBYDWOOBA. I Had a bit of a stack yesterday out on the MTB in Scotland. Went up some big mountains and found some amazing trails! But whilst descending I came into a little bit of grief! Lucky I didn't land on anything important just my head, cracking my helmet in the process, which is a bit of a drag! At the time I though I had really hurt myself, but after a few minutes I realised nothing was broken and I was just going to be really sore for a few days. So sitting here in Scotland not really able to move my neck, bruised face, noise, legs and body all feeling very stiff!

I may look something like this

Hopefully I can bounce back quickly and get back to some solid training in Scotland