Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Heres a Few Pics from the weekend

The veiw

Hanging at Rachs place

Fly fishing

Ren Fly fishing

The amazing places we fish

Spent the Easter down at the beach. Found some of the most amazing trails along the great ocean otway walk, Serious they where intense! Hills, mud, sand and steps that was all in the first 2km. Have a look on the site to get a better idea of how intense it is

Other than that i snuck in a surf and a couple of fishing trips to the delight of Donna.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Training in kinglake Pictorial Adventure

The Sign was placed there just for me

Solo KMs


Rainbow Wheels

More Hills

More hills and burnt out bush

Awesome burnt tree with my bike "Rainbow Styleing"

Going away for easter down to Apollo bay should be a pretty amazing trip
New goal for when i'm in France is to update my Blog once a week!


Friday, April 15, 2011


After almost 4 years of excellent coaching from Dave Huggett

I have decided to change things up a bit. Dave is a excellent coach and understood what i needed to do and how to coach me!

I needed a change and started to look for someone to help me out with my training, i felt i needed a change totally for my own reasons Dave was and is still doing a amazing job.

So i found Simon Knowles He lives really close and has a good group for me to work with. He is also a amazing triathlon coach which helps to!

So that's where I'm at now new coach new beginning feeling great and getting ready to head to France on the 30th of may


Friday, April 1, 2011

I did Find a good PIC

 Me running

  Me and some random

Thats all the Good Pics i could find

Tri X Off road

So after everything it was a awesome race but bloody HARD!

Luckily i didn't have to travel down the morning of the race because i contacted my Friend Bridgette who lives at anglesea, so i stayed the night at her place on the Saturday prior to the race. This was Awesome not having to get up at 5 to be at the race, her place being only 500m from the start line so a moderately late start of 7am was planned. I was unable to find any really good pics of me racing but i did find this one of me taking the lead maybe 5m into the race.

This was sort lived as super swimmer Sam Hume went past me very fast, i sat in second place a fair way back form the rest of the swim. Out of the water second and onto the bike. i was the only person with my shoes clipped into the pedals triathlon style everyone else had mtb shoes beside there bike. Not sure weather this made it anyone faster because i was unable to do any running out on the course. But it did give me a blistering transtion! The bike course was a killer! HILLS HILLS HILLS but thanks to claudio and his giant anthem it was alot better than it could have been. The ride smashed me just to say the least! So when the first half of the run was in the hills and second half along sand it made for the hardest race i have ever done! We jumped over rocks ran along the beach, ran though the river and had awesome fun on one of my favorite runs ever!
I ended up winning my age group and taking the Victorian off road title which is sort of cool. But after everything hurting like i never have before i can say that race was the best fun and i really want to find more of these races to do in the near future.