Friday, February 25, 2011

Perth and 2 races in 2 days

So i raced Brw Corporate triathlon on sunday my team DC Cycles came in 3rd witch was pretty surprising!
On SAT i raced San remo cannel challenge in some of the hardest conditions i have ever swam in! i swear i was stuck in the one spot for at least 10sec whilst still stroking hard!

Perth is amazing
Over here chilling with donnas family before donnas sisters wedding. Went over to roto as they call it. an amazing island with some even more amazing beaches. Perth is a lot more spread out than melbourne town and a hell of allot more HOT! its been hight 30s all week which has been a nice change from Melbourne's lack of sumer. Will be flying in Monday morning back to normal life, its been great to get away for a few days and relax. Back to it monday morning i guess tho

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feels like i got hit by a truck, oh shit i did!

Yeah that's right. I got hit by a truck this morning out riding
Landed in some deep wet grass which pretty much saved my arse!
( I'm a poet!) The guy didn't stop because he was probably in a rush to get his logs turned into paper pulp which is totally understandable its not like i could have died or anything....
Feeling pretty lucky to be able to walk away, looking forward to some good off road riding in the next week just for a brake.
Also on the look out for a training group now! its allot safer in a group and don't like the idea of dieing anytime soon
So on that note be safe on the road!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Control the controllable's

Anyone who ever did triathlon would remember someone saying something along these lines.
On the weekend on the way to a race me and my dad got stuck in a flood! there was water coming under the doors and it all got a little crazy! But we are now safe and dry an i cant really complain because other people had much more life threatening flood experiences.
I missed the start of a race that i was confident i could have won, in turn missed the chance to take home almost $1000 which is a big bummer.
But in the end you can only control the controllable and cant control the conditions no mater how crazy!